Vietnamese Catholic community is established in Chattanooga

By Jim Wogan

Further reflecting the continued growth and diversity of the Catholic Church in East Tennessee, Bishop Richard F. Stika has formally established a Public Association of the Faithful for the Vietnamese Catholic community in the Chattanooga area.

The establishment of a Public Association of the Faithful is the first step in the canonical process that one day could lead to the creation of a new parish for the Vietnamese community there. Read more…

  • An explosion of grace

    Communal wedding Mass at Holy Ghost Church unites 14 Latino couples in holy matrimony

    From staff reports

    Gifts of the Holy Spirit were the ultimate wedding gifts for 14 Diocese of Knoxville couples who exchanged vows at Holy Ghost Church on June 15 in a ceremony to celebrate their full communion with the Catholic Church.

    Communal wedding Masses are common in Latin American countries and are being held in dioceses around the country with more frequency. Read more…

    Pro-life East Tennesseans to mark 40 Days for Life in September

    Prayer vigil returning to diocese after two-year hiatus; volunteer groups and individuals asked to take part

    By Bill Brewer

    After a two-year absence, 40 Days for Life is returning to the Diocese of Knoxville in September.

    The announcement was made by Paul Simoneau and Lisa Morris, who coordinate pro-life activities for the diocese. Read more…

    Father Moser marks silver jubilee in priesthood

    Friends and family from far and wide join the 25-year priest at St. Catherine Labouré in Copperhill

    By Dan McWilliams

    Family was on Father Tom Moser’s mind June 30 as he celebrated his 25th anniversary as a priest during a Mass at St. Catherine Labouré Church in Copperhill. Read more…

    Doing something for the greater good

    St. Thérèse of Lisieux parishioner said ‘yes’ to God and organized Cleveland’s RAM clinic

    By Janice Fritz-Ryken

    One night in 2004, Terry Peters was in a car heading back to her Cleveland home with friends after spending a weekend volunteering at her first Remote Area Medical (RAM) event in Knoxville when she felt what she described as a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit. Read more…

  • Bishop Stika becomes Diocese of Knoxville’s longest-serving bishop

    By Jim Wogan

    It turns out that July 2019 was a memorable month for Bishop Richard F. Stika.

    Three days before he celebrated his 62nd birthday on July 4, Bishop Stika reached another significant milestone. On July 1, he became the longest-serving bishop in the history of the Diocese of Knoxville. Read more…

    St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic names executive director for operations

    By Bill Brewer

    St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic has named a public health scholar to be its next executive director, who will work with founder and medical director Sister Mariana Koonce, RSM, to continue delivering free medical care to rural East Tennessee.

    Brandy Fuesting, who will receive her doctorate in public health from the University of Tennessee this fall, will oversee the day-today operations of the clinic from its offices at the Church of Divine Mercy in West Knoxville. Read more…

    All Saints Parish participates in Enthronement

    ‘It’s just taking the love you already have for Jesus in your heart and going one step further . . .’

    By Emily Booker

    Jesus is King! All Saints Parish in Knoxville made a public proclamation of this truth June 30 as the parish participated in the Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Read more…

    Dr. Sedonna Prater named superintendent of diocesan schools

    Former teacher, principal, director of curriculum and instruction becomes fifth leader of 10-school system

    By Bill Brewer

    Diocese of Knoxville schools will begin the 2019-2020 academic year with a new superintendent and three new principals among its 10 schools.

    Dr. Sedonna Prater becomes the diocese’s fifth superintendent with her appointment by Bishop Richard F. Stika in April. Read more…


He dwells among us: Transfiguring Icons

Christian iconography expresses in images the same Gospel message that Scripture communicates by words

By Bishop Richard F. Stika

Come up the mountain to me! – Deuteronomy 10:1

The call of Moses by God to ascend Mount Sinai to enter into closer communion with Him reminds us that prayer, like climbing a mountain, isn’t easy.

But unlike Moses, who ascended the mountain by himself, Jesus leads us up the Mount of Transfiguration “to pray” and to “listen to him” (Luke 9:28, 36), so that we, too, might be transfigured in Him, who is “the light of the world” (John 8:12). Read more…

Praying for perspective: Trip to Honduras ‘leaves a lot of emotional bridges’

A daughter’s mission trip to a foreign country brings home the same lessons as her father once brought home

By George Valadie

I’ve lost track, but I know it’s been well over 20 summers since I had the opportunity to visit Saltillo, Mexico. Though “visit” might not be the best word.

I had the good fortune to travel with Father Joe of the Jackson, Miss., diocese, two busloads of teenagers, and some chaperones whose companionship helped to make the heat bearable and the bus ride enjoyable.

Needless to say, my memory banks of that excursion have been jostled by the tone of our country’s current discourse about the border, who’s on the other side of it, and all the whatever elses that stir us up. Because Lord, we are indeed stirred up! Read more…

Marriage Enrichment: On long marriages—and a columnist’s retirement

Many people are thanked for their efforts over the years to benefit marriage-support events

By Marian Christiana

This article is going to have two parts to it. At first glance, they may not seem to fit together, but stick with me and I think that you will see the connection. The first section is about the 2019 longest-married couple in the Diocese of Knoxville, and in the second section I will comment on my upcoming retirement at the end of June 2019. Read more…

Thoughts and Prayers for the Faithful: A study of the cynical Book of Qoheleth

Also known as Ecclesiastes, the book is among the wisdom books of the Old Testament

By Bob Hunt

I’ve been reading the Book of Qoheleth, also known as Ecclesiastes, attributed to Solomon because of the opening line, “The words of David’s son, Qoheleth, king in Jerusalem” (Ecclesiastes 1:1). It is included among the wisdom books of the Old Testament.

Many think Qoheleth a downer of a book, and it’s clearly a work of cynical philosophy. “Vanity of vanities! All things are vanity!” (Qoheleth 1:2b) Which is to say, all things amount to nothing in the end. All your labors, all your wealth, all your good living or wanton living—all of it will come to the same end: death. Read more…