Sacred heart

Exposition of relic of St. Jean Vianney, patron saint of priests, draws faithful from across Diocese of Knoxville

By Bill Brewer

St. Jean Vianney is just what the faithful ordered.

Well, it was actually the Knights of Columbus and Bishop Richard F. Stika who arranged for the incorrupt heart of the patron saint of priests to visit the Diocese of Knoxville on May 23 at the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Read more…

  • St. Patrick Parish celebrates 60th anniversary

    Morristown parishioners turn out in full to fete church’s history, pastor’s silver jubilee

    By Dan McWilliams

    A double celebration took place at St. Patrick Church in Morristown on May 19.

    The parish turned 60 years old in May, and its pastor of six years, Father Patrick Brownell, marked the 25th anniversary of his priestly ordination in the same month. Read more…

    Postulant-to-be shares a love story that promises to change her life

    Notre Dame student professes commitment to Jesus, Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma as she declares her vocation

    By Bill Brewer

    Erica Pereira is changing her relationship status.

    And what a relationship she now is in. Read more…

    Abby Johnson film arrives Unplanned in Diocese of Knoxville

    Catholic protagonist of popular book and movie delivers pro-life message at St. Mary Church in Athens

    By Emily Booker

    The movie Unplanned made an unscheduled appearance at Athens’ movie theater this spring. And it was a one-night sensation when the film’s real-life champion, pro-life author and speaker Abby Johnson, brought her message on creating a culture that values all human life, including children in the womb, to the town. Read more…

    Knox bagpiper’s goal is to ‘make a joyful noise’

    Katie Helms performs at Church events around the area in memory of a son who passed away

    By Dan McWilliams

    Bagpiper Katie Helms can be seen playing at many Knoxville-area Church events, and she says her goal is simply to “make a joyful noise.”

    “That’s what the Scripture says to do, and that’s my goal,” she said. Read more…

  • Pope Francis Charitable Trust Fund now assisting diocesan parishes

    Home Campaign program makes first distribution of funds to 12 Church ministries that help communities

    By Jim Wogan

    It has been five years since the most ambitious capital campaign in the history of the Diocese of Knoxville began as a mission to strengthen and grow the Catholic Church in East Tennessee. Read more…

    That look and smell

    Neophytes are sent forth with a fresh perspective to share their newfound faith with the masses

    By Bill Brewer

    “Do you all smell?”

    And with that risky query that begs a certain amount of self-awareness among those being questioned, Bishop Richard F. Stika sent the Diocese of Knoxville’s newest members out into East Tennessee to proclaim the Gospel. Read more…

    Brother priests who became military chaplains reunited in burial ceremony

    Fathers Robert and Frank Brett now laid to rest together in Arlington National Cemetery

    By Dennis Sadowski/Catholic News Service

    Amid the pomp and ceremony that marks a military burial, Father Francis Brett was reunited after more than 50 years with his younger priest brother at Arlington National Cemetery. Read more…

    Bishop Stika ordains priests for Glenmary Home Missioners

    Father Aketch, Father Toboso will serve in dioceses of Knoxville and Nashville for the Cincinnati-based religious order

    By John Stegeman

    Bishop Richard F. Stika added two men to the ranks of the holy priesthood on April 27, priests whose first assignments for the Glenmary Home Missioners will be in Tennessee. Read more…


He dwells among us: Intoxicating joy

JWhat a different world it would be if Catholics lived with the joy of the new wine 

By Bishop Richard F. Stika

They have had too much new wine. — Acts 2:13 

The mocking reaction of some toward the Apostles following the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost speaks to a beautiful truth of Christian living that the saints describe as “sober intoxication.” For it was St. Paul who said, “Do not get drunk on wine…, but be filled with the Spirit” (Eph 5:18).

What a different world it would be if Catholics lived with the joy of this new wine!  Read more…

Praying for perspective: Senior-class motto could be ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’

Graduates can never appreciate what that means until later, ‘a later that is still to come’

By George Valadie

For a school principal such as myself, it’s impossible to ignore the opportunity to write about this season of graduations.

It’s why we teachers do what we do. Be it the wee ones in kindergarten who sway their heads and swing their tassels or our own seniors who couldn’t wait to frisbee their caps to the ceiling, it doesn’t really matter; it’s the kind of day that keeps me doing what I do. Read more…

Marriage Enrichment: On long marriages—and a columnist’s retirement

Many people are thanked for their efforts over the years to benefit marriage-support events

By Marian Christiana

This article is going to have two parts to it. At first glance, they may not seem to fit together, but stick with me and I think that you will see the connection. The first section is about the 2019 longest-married couple in the Diocese of Knoxville, and in the second section I will comment on my upcoming retirement at the end of June 2019. Read more…

Thoughts and Prayers for the Faithful: Is it important to me that my children be Catholic?

Parents should ‘make it known’ to children ‘in word and deed that our faith is the most important part of our life’

By Bob Hunt

June is the month for graduations and weddings, so it’s a natural time for parents to reflect with pride on their children’s accomplishments. It’s a good time, too, to consider how we as Catholic parents are doing in raising our children in the faith. The Church provides many opportunities and resources for the education and formation of children, so much so that it may be tempting for us parents to forget that the primary responsibility for the faith formation of a child belongs to us.

Is it important to me that my children be Catholic? Do I want my children to have a relationship with Christ and His Church?Read more…