Spotlight on the Home Campaign: Questions parishioners have

In each issue of The East Tennessee Catholic, hot topics relating to the Home campaign will be covered.
Since the launch of the campaign in September, parishioners throughout the Diocese of Knoxville have been submitting good questions about the campaign.

Two of the most common questions being asked are:

  • How will my parish benefit from the Home campaign?
  • When will my parish’s Home campaign occur?
  • So, how will your parish benefit from the Home campaign?

The Home campaign will directly benefit every parish in the diocese.
At least 50 percent of the funds raised in each parish during the campaign will fund priorities in the parishes such as capital improvements, debt retirement, and maintenance of churches and parish buildings.
Each pastor and his parish leadership will work together to identify the needs to be addressed.
The campaign dollar graphic illustrates how each parish’s campaign would work at different levels of fundraising success:
Now for the second question, “When will my parish’s Home Campaign occur?
The Home Campaign will be conducted in four waves, with each wave lasting approximately six months.
With input from each pastor and parish leadership, parishes have been assigned to the waves illustrated in the accompanying graphic.
All 48 parishes and three missions will participate in the Home Campaign over the next two years.