Ladies of Charity celebrates 75th year

Bishop Stika praises diocesan group’s work during special Mass

By Bill Brewer

You’ve come a long way, ladies. The Ladies of Charity, which is marking its 75th anniversary this year, celebrated the milestone May 13 with a first for the nonprofit charitable organization that is part of the Diocese of Knoxville.

For a day, Ladies of Charity volunteers transformed their facility at 120 W. Baxter Ave. in North Knoxville into a Remote Area Medical clinic, where scores of residents in need received dental and vision treatment as well as basic health screenings. The RAM clinic is another example of how the Ladies of Charity is changing to meet the needs of its clients, who predominantly live in lower-income areas or are homeless. Read more…

  • Faith the harvest

    With work of human hands, Santana family farm carefully cultivates fruit of the vine

    By Jim Wogan

    I couldn’t have chosen a more challenging day to watch someone pick tomatoes.

    It was July 27, 2016, and the temperature in Grainger County hovered at around 96 degrees. Yes, that Grainger County — where home-grown and carefully cultivated tomatoes have gained a brilliant reputation for taste and texture from coast to coast, if not beyond. Read more…

    Bishop Stika announces priest assignments for diocese

    From staff reports

    Bishop Richard F. Stika has announced several assignments for priests serving in the Diocese of Knoxville. Read more…

    Hungry for the faith

    UT-Chattanooga students savor their education on Catholicism and Christianity; Bishop Stika offers a pep talk

    By Emily Booker

    Younger generations often are accused of being entitled, individualistic, and seeking instant gratification. There is worry that millennials and Gen Z are abandoning traditional customs, including their faith.

    But some young adults are seeking faith. And the faith they want is an authentic, deeply rooted, and devotional one. Read more…

    Fathers, sons make Stations of the Cross come alive

    St. Joseph students portray the same roles as their dads in the Passion during Holy Week re-enactments

    By Bill Brewer

    The living Stations of the Cross and Passion, which are held in several Diocese of Knoxville parishes during Holy Week, had an especially familial flavor this year. Read more…

  • Pregnancy Center dedicated in Newcomb

    Cardinal Justin Rigali blesses the new Catholic Charities facility, located in the Crazy Quilt Friendship Center

    By Dan McWilliams

    Catholic Charities’ new Pregnancy Help Center in Newcomb fulfills a great need in a northern Campbell County area where expectant moms are often plagued by poverty and drug addiction.

    Cardinal Justin Rigali blessed the new facility on his 82nd birthday April 19. Read more…

    Fr. Gahagan receives papal designation as monsignor

    Longtime diocesan priest receives ovation from fellow priests at St. Thomas the Apostle

    By Jim Wogan

    Pope Francis has designated Father William Gahagan, who has served in the Diocese of Knoxville since its inception in 1988, with the title of monsignor.

    The papal honor comes at the recommendation of Bishop Richard F. Stika, who made the announcement at a meeting of diocesan priests on May 23 at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Lenoir City. Read more…

    V Encuentro retreat draws 29 young Catholic leaders

    By Sedonna Prater

    Twenty-nine young leaders in diocesan Catholic schools stepped back for a day of reflection and a call to action through their participation in a V Encuentro retreat.

    The retreat was held at the diocesan Christ Prince of Peace Retreat Center in Benton on May 11 and was the result of the joint efforts of the diocesan Catholic Schools Office, Office of Hispanic Ministry, and Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, including the Pastoral Juvenil Hispana branch. Read more…


He Dwells Among Us
By Bishop Richard F. Stika

Reverence and silence: In the presence of Our Lord at church, quiet is a sacred blessing that we must all respect and practice

My house shall be called a house of prayer…” (Matthew 21:13).

I chose these words of Jesus to be inscribed on the cornerstone of our new cathedral church to stress the reverence and awe we should always have when entering not only the cathedral, but any of our churches. Read more…

Living the readings
By Father Joseph Brando

Pentecost to Ordinary Time: The nine Sundays of June and July include three key feast days

This edition of The East Tennessee Catholic takes us beyond the Easter Season, through the feasts of Pentecost, Holy Trinity, and the Body and Blood of Christ, and right back into Ordinary Time. It’s a great time to start off explaining what this column is attempting to accomplish. Read more…

Understanding the sacraments
Fr. Randy Stice

The saints, including St. John of the Cross and St. Faustina, experienced this liturgical presence in profound ways

The meaning and power of the liturgical year was elegantly summarized by Vatican Council II: “Within the cycle of a year, moreover, she [the Church] unfolds the whole mystery of Christ, from the incarnation and birth until the ascension, the day of Pentecost, and the expectation of blessed hope and of the coming of the Lord” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, 102). Read more…

Praying for Perspective
By George Valadie

Raising children brings daily parenting decisions that are surely ‘in the manual we never got

We Valadies have had the opportunity to live in three very different cities since the original two of us grew larger than that. One small, one midsize, one very large city. Each has added to our lives but in different ways of course. Read more…

Marriage enrichment corner
Marian Christiana

Differences in language between two people, based on what their family of origin passed on, can present a challenge

Language, both verbal and physical, is a key ingredient to good communication. The first two factors dealing with good communication both focus on language. The first reminds us to watch our body language, and the next one stresses the need to use clear and concise language to identify an issue.Read more…