Cornerstone of faith

Bishop Stika marks key step in construction of the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

By Bill Brewer

The Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus reached an important — and symbolic — milestone March 25 when Bishop Richard F. Stika unveiled the cathedral cornerstone during a liturgical service at the diocese’s new mother church.

It was, in effect, the first service inside the church, as some 400 people were on hand to witness the moment and see up close how the building project is progressing. Read more…

  • Diocesan school system achieves accreditation

    AdvancED team evaluates all 10 schools, says they meet or exceed high standards

    By Bill Brewer

    The Diocese of Knoxville’s school system has been given two thumbs up for its accreditation efforts following a two-year evaluation process involving all 10 diocesan schools. Read more…

    ‘Historic’ KCHS boys basketball team reaches state finals

    Knoxville Catholic finishes 31-2 after posting a 28-game winning streak and going wire to wire ranked No. 1

    By Dan McWilliams

    The Knoxville Catholic High School boys basketball team’s dream of its first-ever state championship ended in the title game, but the Fighting Irish finished as one of the greatest teams in school history and earned a milestone victory for their head coach along the way. Read more…

    Haiti mission is a labor of love for Diocese of Knoxville parishioners

    Catholic medical community, parishes, donors making a difference in country hit hard by poverty

    By Emily Booker

    A pregnant woman rides a donkey down a dirt path. An elderly woman sits in the shade while her children and grandchildren work the fields. A group of men carry their paralytic friend on a stretcher for miles to see a healer.

    It’s easy to imagine that these scenes belong tucked away in Bible stories. But they are happening in present-day Haiti in the remote village of Bouly, where health-care providers from the Diocese of Knoxville offer care and hope to a needy community. Read more…

  • A faith reboot

    As Easter nears, more than 200 believers prepare to enter the Church in East Tennessee.

    By Dan McWilliams

    Candy Chandler, looking to join a new faith community, visited the Our Lady of Fatima Church parking lot in Alcoa numerous times in 2015 without ever going in to Mass. Then she met parishioner Mary Ann Edmundson.

    “I had been in that parking lot 10 times, but I just didn’t have the courage to get out and approach anybody because I didn’t really know, I had never been to a Catholic service, but the Lord was leading me that way,” Mrs. Chandler said. Read more…

    St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic to start serving Sevier County residents

    By Jim Wogan

    The St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic, a 10-wheeled mobile medical ministry operated by the Diocese of Knoxville, will begin serving residents living in fire-ravaged areas near Gatlinburg starting in late April.

    “We are trying to meet the needs of the population that’s been there all along, but invisible. Now (because of the fires) they are sort of more exposed,” said the clinic’s medical director, Sister Mariana Koonce, RSM, MD. Read more…

    Fairfield Glade Knights give help to fire victims

    Knights of Columbus Council 16088 of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Fairfield Glade recently provided assistance to victims of the fire disasters in the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area.

    The help came about when the council asked Father Antony Punnackal, CMI, pastor of St. Mary in Gatlinburg, what they could do to assist his parish. Read more…

    Listening for God, whether by a whisper or a prod

    By Father Joe Reed

    The duty of fostering vocations pertains to the whole Christian community; an invitation to listen to His voice. Read more…


He Dwells Among Us
By Bishop Richard F. Stika

Blessed Mother recommends the rosary most to instill the peace of Christ in our hearts, homes, world

World crises in 1917 may not be all that different from ours today—wars, genocide, revolutions, divisions.

But yet the best means for obtaining the peace so desperately needed in 2017 is the same revealed to three poor shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, 100 years ago. Read more…

Living the readings
By Father Joseph Brando

The Lord is with us—in the Kingdom all is light

Spring brings the earth to life. The air is warmer; the grass is greener; the sunsets are later; and our lives become more enjoyable. However, it isn’t merely the movement of stars and planets that makes this season so delightful.

Consider the role of the divine responding to our prayers that makes relationships among people bearable and even downright exquisite. Without our Creator’s intervention into human affairs our lives would not be worth living. Read more…

Understanding the sacraments
Fr. Randy Stice

The performance character of and the sacramentality of the Word are two aspects not fully appreciated today

In a previous column, I introduced the new Lectionary Supplement and briefly discussed aspects of the Word of God in the liturgy. In this column, I would like to look more closely at the Word of God in the Church’s liturgy. Read more…

Praying for Perspective
By George Valadie

This Lenten journey has been fairly successful, but sometimes during the season we cut deals with God and seek middle ground

Baseball season is upon us. Bishop Richard F. Stika is a Cardinals fan; I’m all about the Braves. I hate to admit it, but of late he’s enjoyed the upside of our teams’ rivalry.

It’s a sport of numbers – batting averages, pitching statistics, winning percentages. Three strikes, four balls, 90 feet, and million-dollar contracts.

I bring it up because this year I’ve been about a 90 percenter, having had a fairly successful Lenten journey thus far. Read more…

Marriage enrichment corner
Marian Christiana

The Holy Father’s annual Lenten messages from 2013 onward keep one’s focus where it should be

Lent is a very bad time to take a vacation. I have trouble with self-denial as it is, but take me out of my routine and I am lost. Add a little disappointment to the mix and it is all but over. I started out strong, messed up in the middle, and now I’m working toward a strong finish. It is how we finish that counts. Right? As it turns out, Pope Francis helped me figure out how to get back on track. Read more…