Biannual DOK youth conference held in Johnson City

Approximately 130 high school–age young people from around the diocese and a cadre of volunteers from St. Mary Parish in Johnson City attended the biannual Diocesan Youth Conference at St. Mary on the weekend of Nov. 3-4.

The conference was last held in Johnson City six years ago.

The theme for the weekend was “Love Come Alive.” The youth participated in sessions about how to love yourself, love your neighbor, and love your God. The concept developed from the Mass readings for the weekend and from a song of the same name by Chris Cole, one of the musicians featured on the conference program.

Features of the program included presentations by Father Jose Robles-Sanchez, who celebrated the vigil Mass on Saturday, and Jimmy Mitchell; a concert by Chris Cole; and an evening candlelight prayer service. In addition, the youth participated in projects for the benefit of Catholic Charities, and hospitalized veterans and members of the armed forces.

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