Morning has broken at Camp Greenville

Seventh-grade students from Sacred Heart Cathedral School attend sunrise Mass celebrated by Father Randy Stice on Wednesday at Camp Greenville near Greenville, S.C.
Photo by Davis Bodie

God’s presence can be felt when least expected, especially for seventh-graders rising early for a sunrise Mass.
Camp Greenville, a YMCA-sponsored camp facility for youth and families in the northwestern part of South Carolina, is home this week to seventh-grade students from Sacred Heart Cathedral School in Knoxville.
The annual retreat serves as an educational, spiritual and social program for the students. And students from other schools within the diocese also attend Camp Greenville each year.
Father Randy Stice traveled to the camp near Greenville, S.C., to hold a sunrise Mass Wednesday morning. According to Sacred Heart faculty on the trip, the students thought the sunrise Mass was very early, but they felt it was well worth it once they witnessed the sun coming up amid God’s awe-inspiring presence.
Other activities for the campers have included a Star Lab class that prepared them for gazing at the stars, a night hike and a program called “Stars, Sparks, and Stories.”
Sacred Heart School’s seventh-grade class isn’t the only one active out of school this week. The school’s fifth-grade class is spending part of the week at Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.

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