St. Jude students perform special projects to benefit Haiti parishes

As part of the St. Jude Parish Christmas service project and in conjunction with the Parish Twinning Program of America, students at St. Jude School in Chattanooga raised money for sister parishes in Gros-Morne, Haiti.

Kindergarten parents sponsored their children in a special homework project to do extra chores at home. As a result of their efforts they will be buying a goat and feeding a child for a year and a half.

First- and second-grade families provided a spectacular response to the request to hold a bake sale, and students raised money to buy two hens and two goats and will help feed a child for part of a year.

Third-grade students were sponsored to provide service labor: cleaning up and sweeping gravel on the playground. They will be buying five hens and five goats.

Fourth-graders conducted their annual two-day yard sale and raised money to buy six hens, two goats and two piglets. Fourth grade also presented St. Jude pastor Father Charlie Burton with $200 to help parish families in need.

By completing chores for family and neighbors, fifth-grade students raised money to feed two children for a year and buy a goat. Jonah King, on his own, raised $130 helping an elderly neighbor rake leaves and donated $30 of his own money.

Sixth grade held a fundraiser to buy a goat and a hen.

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