Garden Club at St. Mary Church in second year

Garden Club members this summer are harvesting cucumbers, zucchini, string beans, squash, radishes, and carrots from their raised-bed garden plots adjacent to the parking lot at St. Mary Church in Johnson City, while waiting for tomatoes to ripen.

This is the second year for the club, which was founded last year with 12 wood-framed plots filled with a mixture of sand, compost fertilizer, and soil. The Knights of Columbus donated funds for the lumber to build the plots and soil to fill them, approximately $150 for each.

Plots are rented to parishioner gardeners at $45 for the first year and $35 for subsequent years plus $15 annual garden club dues. The garden club meets regularly each month to hear from gardeners experienced with the Square Food Garden Technique, on watering, fertilizing, and mulching practices

The leader of the garden club in establishing the garden project is Roz Seymour, a retired nursing educator and master gardener.