Perspective from a child of God

By Rhetta Botts

From the perspective of someone who converted to Catholicism and was confirmed during the high school years, I can say that I wish I had received the graces sooner.

“Confirmation isn’t magic,” Sister John Catherine Kennedy, OP, once told me.

We must desire the graces, and we must allow our hearts to be open to the positive changes the Lord is willing to do for us. After I received the graces of confirmation, my passion for the faith was unyielding. My youthful, stubborn nature to plunge headfirst into whatever life gave me without concern for God had shifted dramatically in the months following Easter Vigil.

I found myself turning into the person I had always wanted to be, and I found myself allowing this change because I now desperately wanted God. As August 2014 rolled in and I started my junior year at Knoxville Catholic High School, the nerves that arose inside me were also met with overwhelming excitement. This spiritual journey of being a newly confirmed Catholic was only the start, and I knew that I was now equipped with the graces to go out into the world as a child of God.

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