Discernment for new diaconate class beginning

The Diocese of Knoxville is inviting men interested in learning more about becoming a deacon for the Catholic Church to begin a period of discernment that will lead to a new class being formed in September 2017.

“The purpose of discernment is to separate ambition from vocation. That’s the best way I can try to explain it,” said Deacon Tim Elliott, director of the diaconate for the Diocese of Knoxville.

“We will be getting together to help facilitate the prayer and discernment on a monthly basis for a few hours on a Saturday once a month. It’s not like every class has to be mandatory. I would like them to attend every one, because the focus on each one will be different. It is trying to get them motivated in a direction of what is prayer and what is discernment, how do I go about doing it, finding out if I am supposed to be in this or not,” Deacon Elliott added.

The Diocese of Knoxville has ordained two diaconate classes.

The first, which produced 29 deacons, was ordained in 2007. The second class was ordained in June and included 24 deacons.

Candidates for the next class are expected to begin study in 2017 and would be ordained in 2022.

For more information please visit dioknox.org and select Diaconate and Deacon Formation from the Ministries page.

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