Knoxville Catholic holds third annual Academic Signing Day

By Dan McWilliams

Knoxville Catholic High School hosted its third annual Academic Signing Day event May 8 in the school gym.

The event honors those students who have been offered academic scholarships, covering all of their tuition and fees, at the college where they plan to attend next fall.

The following students signed:

  • Lindsay Bruce, East Tennessee State University
  • Diego Carvajal, University of Tampa
  • Charlie Connors, University of Alabama
  • Lucky DePersio, University of Tennessee
  • Madelyn Fahhoum, Vanderbilt University
  • Daisy Flomberg, East Tennessee State University
  • Chase Hahn, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Andrew Kosky, Maryville College
  • Nick Lovely, University of Alabama
  • Margaret McCarty, Tennessee Technological University
  • Gill McMillen, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
  • Caleb Morgan, University of Tennessee
  • Sara Myers, Berry College
  • Stephanie Penpek, East Tennessee State University
  • Shannon Rearden, University of Alabama

Knoxville Catholic president Dickie Sompayrac led a prayer to begin the signing day ceremony, and academic dean Jane Walker emceed the proceedings.

Ms. Walker thanked parents, teachers, and others for their role in making the signing day possible for the students.

“Parents, families, and friends,” she said, “thank you for the guidance you have offered in helping them decide which classes to take; for your patience as you listened to their trials and tribulations; for knowing when to push them a little harder than maybe they thought they needed to be pushed, and for knowing when not to push them; for all the times you have stayed up through the wee hours helping them get that last-minute project done or paper printed from a stubborn home printer; and for knowing when to offer a word of encouragement at the precise time when they needed it, or not saying things to them no matter how much you wanted to.”

To teachers, counselors, and coaches, Ms. Walker said thanks “for always encouraging these students, for finding ways to motivate them to fulfill their potential, for making them feel loved and cared for, and [to counselors] for guiding them to their college selection and through the scholarship process.”

Ms. Walker thanked the students themselves “for having the will to develop the gifts God has bestowed upon you, for making KCHS a better place by serving as examples to those around you, and for your unswerving focus on your academics.”

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