St. Mary students shine at UT science fair

Of the 57 projects at the St. Mary School-Oak Ridge science fair Feb. 9, 19 received awards making them eligible to enter the regional Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair (SASEF) at the University of Tennessee on March 28-30.

The SASEF is sponsored by the University of Tennessee and numerous local companies and agencies and draws students from 23 counties in East Tennessee. The goal of the fair is to promote teaching the scientific method in science, engineering, and math. St. Mary students are recognized for multiple honors each year.

Eighteen of the St. Mary science fair winners participated in this year’s SASEF. St. Mary students received the following overall awards, certificates of excellence, special awards, and honorable mentions:

Overall awards:

Fourth place: Amelia Van Berkel for her project, “Did That Get the Lead Out?”; and

Fifth place: Sarah Tackett, “Milk: The Next Generation.”

Certificates of Excellence: Parker Sorah,“Healthy Hydration Outdoors,” Sarah Tackett, “Milk: The

Next Generation,” and Amelia Van Berkel, “Did That Get the Lead Out?”

Special awards:

Elizabeth Brands,“Rubber vs. Cotton”: ASM Materials Education Foundation: Most Outstanding Exhibit in Materials Science, Tennessee Chapter of the International Society of Automation (ISA): Best Use of Instrumentation or Controls in a Junior Project, Smoky Mountain Section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE): Applying Engineering Practices;

Mateo Gorrondona, “Fight Drought with Solar Panels”: American Meteorological Society Certificate of Outstanding Achievement, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA): 2017 Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award, NOAA: Atmospheric Turbulence & Diffusion Division, Oak Ridge;

Amelia Van Berkel, “Did That Get the Lead Out?”: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, East Tennessee Chapter of the American Chemical Society, BroadcomMasters Eligible;

Sarah Tackett, “Milk: The Next Generation”: BroadcomMasters Eligible;

Anna Kasemir, “Can You See Me Now?”: U.S. Air Force Award;

Sydney Mesmer, “Don’t Give Mosquitoes a Biting Chance”: SASEF Directors Award; and

Parker Sorah,“Healthy Hydration Outdoors”: BroadcomMasters Eligible.

Honorable mentions:

Jacqueline Audet, “O-Pine Wood Derby”; Marissa Dalton, “A Clay Array of Amazing Glazing”; Mateo Gorrondona, “Fight Drought with Solar Panels”; Sydney Mesmer, “Don’t Give Mosquitoes a Biting Chance”; and Ethan Sherlock, “Battle of the Genres.”

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