St. Francis-Fairfield Glade is ‘Sharing Christ’ through evangelization effort

The eagerly-awaited “Sharing Christ” experience is occurring at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Fairfield Glade through October.

For its opening session, Sister Maria Juan Anderson, RSM, new director of Christian Formation for the Diocese of Knoxville, joined the group.

This evangelization process, developed by ChristLife in Baltimore, is changing lives and transforming parishes. So far, St. Francis has had nearly 100 people go through “Discovering,” “Following,” or “Sharing Christ.”

“Sharing Christ” focuses on personal or friendship evangelization, sharing a relationship with Jesus in daily encounters with others. Kathy Maynard, the layperson leading this endeavor, said, “The course encourages openness to sharing one’s relationship with Jesus and the Good News we have experienced in our daily encounters with others.”

St. Francis pastor Father Michael Woods said, “The connection between greatly increased Mass attendance and participation in new and old ministries has a lot to do with the ‘Discovering Christ’/’Following Christ’/’Sharing Christ’ experience.

Folks are taking the time to share their individual faith stories and Christ’s great commission, ‘Go out and make disciples’ (Matthew 28:18). We’re learning how to become missionary disciples by helping others discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ.”

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