KCHS two-sport standout Kaden Martin going to Miami

Kaden Martin (third from left) stands with some of his teammates and sports the Miami cap that he donned to indicate his college choice March 3 at Knoxville Catholic High School. Mom Toya and brother Cannon were among those attending the announcement.

Knoxville Catholic High School junior Kaden Martin, a standout in football and baseball for the Fighting Irish, narrowed his collegiate choices to Tennessee, Miami, Fla., Arizona State and Oregon, schools that would offer him the chance to play both sports.

On March 3 at KCHS, Kaden announced to the media that he had chosen the Hurricanes of Miami as his collegiate destination.

Kaden is a son of Tennessee quarterback legend Tee Martin. His mother, Toya, and brother Cannon, 8, were at his side when he made the announcement at Knoxville Catholic.

“It’s been an ultimate dream of mine to be able to play baseball and football at the Division I level,” Kaden said. “With that being said, I will be attending the University of Miami.”

Fighting Irish baseball head coach Caleb Moore was among those on hand for the announcement.

Coach Moore said that “Kaden is a very talented player.”

“We’ve been lucky to have him here at Catholic,” he added. “We’re looking forward—no matter what school he chooses, he’s part of the Irish family.”

Tennessee offered Kaden, a four-star recruit, a baseball and a football scholarship earlier this year. The Irish junior is a quarterback in football and a center fielder and pitcher in baseball, and he is ranked as one of the top players in the country in both sports.

Kaden has thrown for more than 2,600 yards and 20 touchdowns and run for more than 600 yards and 18 TDs in his KCHS football career.

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