Random acts of kindness

Johnson City, Erwin parishioners carry out good deeds for local hospital employees

By Casey Keeley

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard, but none more than those working on the frontlines in the hospitals across the world.

These employees have been pushed to their limits with staff shortening and supplies decreasing by the day, and in such an important field even outside of a global pandemic, this is not an ideal situation to work in.

Stephen Wang distributes goodie bags to Johnson City Medical Center employees.

Parishioners of St. Mary Parish in Johnson City and St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Erwin have recognized the need to thank these employees and have taken matters into their own hands to perform a small gesture of kindness for some employees at Johnson City Medical Center.

“It was really just about letting them know that they are appreciated and that someone is out there praying for them and the work that they do,” said Maria Whiston, who initiated the gift bag operation.

The parishes collaborated to make and distribute 80 goodie bags in total to the hospital staff.

The bags were created in collaboration with the Church Mobilization Network Project, which seeks to “Connect churches, meet needs and impact lives.” The CMNP is a multi-denominational nonprofit organization in the Tri-Cities region which serves to connect churches with qualified volunteers for whatever need may arise.

Donors for the goodie bags included Texas Burritos and More Restaurant, as well as prayer cards and small donations from members of both parishes who wish to remain anonymous.

Parishioners Joanne Lawson, Stephen Wang, Mary Alice Basconi, and Maria Whiston delivered the bags to the hospital to distribute to staff members.

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