God Camp counselors reflect on their summer experiences  

Four counselors at the diocesan God Camps this summer looked back on their experiences. Each was in his or her first time on the counseling team.

Teens do a low-ropes team-building activity at Cove­crest Summer Camp for high-schoolers at Life Teen Covecrest in Tiger, Ga.

“My experience at God Camp as a counselor was amazing!” said Alex Espinoza, a senior from St. Thérèse of Lisieux Parish in Cleveland. “I loved how I was able to connect with the kids in such little time and get to teach them how to find their own path and walk with God along that path.

“It was amazing to see them open up and make new friends and to see how much they had grown at the end of the camp. No matter how hot it was or how tired they were, they were always engaged and ready to soak up all the lessons we were giving them. And all of these things just made the experience so special and amazing to me.”

Alejandro Stambury is a sophomore from St. Mary Parish in Athens.

“I would say that being a counselor at God camp not only gives you the responsibility of guiding those that are given under your protection but also ensuring that the kids have a good time to connect with how they feel toward God and not just them, but also myself,” he said. “This experience opened my eyes more to God than they were before.”

Selena Mullinax is a freshman from the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Chattanooga.

“God Camp was great because it gave us the opportunity to make new friends, learn about new things, and grow together in our faith,” she said. “I enjoyed getting to be a counselor for the first time and will definitely be doing it again next summer!”

Kaitlyn Critchfield is a freshman from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Chattanooga.

“I absolutely loved God Camp!” she said. “Not only because of the fun experience but also because of the environment! All the kind people who love God enough to go to camp! I would 100 percent do it again.”

The annual God Camps took place in June at Harrison Bay State Park Group Camp in Harrison. The Reach camp was for upcoming seventh- and eighth-graders, and the Discover camp was for upcoming fifth- and sixth-graders.

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