Notre Dame parishioners assist with Tusculum Move-In Day

Parishioners of Notre Dame in Greeneville volunteered their time in assisting with Move-In Day at Tusculum University on Aug. 18.

Freshmen and transfer students at Tennessee’s most historic university moved into their respective residence halls as part of Tusculum’s Weekend of Welcome, also known as Pioneer WOW. Many activities were involved with Move-In-Day, including by local churches in the community who were invited to campus to welcome new students and their families as they arrived.

Members of Notre Dame provided lunch for the new students and their families as well as Tusculum faculty and staff who were assisting at Move-In-Day before the start of classes to kick off the 2022-23 academic year. Parishioners provided drinks, fruit, snacks, and side dishes along with several desserts and treats for those in attendance. Volunteers also cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and served the meal.

Parishioners included members of Notre Dame’s Council of Catholic Women and the Knights of Columbus.

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