Schachle family visits St. Henry Church

A small white minivan pulled into the parking lot at St. Henry Church in Rogersville on Oct. 23, and six of the 13 Schachle children departed the vehicle along with parents Michelle and Daniel.

They came to St. Henry by invitation of pastor Father Bart Okere, also the Tennessee state chaplain for the Knights of Columbus. The Schachle family’s story led to the declaration of Knights founder Father Michael J. McGivney as Blessed, following the healing in Michelle’s womb of Michael “Mikey” Schachle from a case of life-threatening fetal hydrops in 2015.

The Schachle family joined in the celebration of Mass with parishioners at St. Henry, and at the end of the liturgy Michelle, Daniel, and Mikey were invited to the podium for remarks. Michelle spoke about the journey through her pregnancy, and Daniel spoke about his calling to the Knights and the need to help the most needy. He said he felt that’s what drew him to the Knights and later as an insurance field agent, which led to his future promotion to general agent and manager for the Knights of Columbus for Tennessee.

The Schachles joined parishioners at a luncheon welcoming newcomers and their families to St. Henry.

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