Notre Dame High School graduate earns $27,000 in scholarship awards

Over the weekend of June 25, recent graduate of the class of 2023 Maggie Haimelin of Notre Dame High School was announced as the first runner-up in the Distinguished Young Women of Tennessee. This is a significant scholarship program, one for which Maggie has spent years preparing.

Maggie was awarded the following:

  • A preliminary fitness award worth $1,000.
  • A preliminary talent award worth $1,000.
  • A top eight finalist award worth $5,000.

And then if that already wasn’t enough to celebrate, Maggie was named the first alternate to the Distinguished Young Women of America for 2023, worth $20,000 in scholarships. That gave her a total of $27,000 in cash scholarships earned at the national level.

She has gained incomparable experiences since her Distinguished Young Women experience started in the at-large program in East Tennessee more than a year ago.

These scholarships are a reward for all the time and energy Maggie has spent preparing and representing the state. She heads to the University of Alabama this fall, taking advantage of those college-granted scholarships.

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