Longtime school family lends St. Mary-Oak Ridge a Picasso

St. Mary School in Oak Ridge has recently been loaned a unique print to display from Picasso’s Imaginary Series, Shakespeare.

The Warne family have loved being a part of the Oak Ridge community and St. Mary Parish and School since 1952. The late George and Rosemary Warne, avid art collectors and devout Catholics, began their long relationship with St. Mary by becoming active in the parish and sending their children to the school. In addition, many of their grandchildren attended, totaling 15 family members who have benefited from a St. Mary education.

“The foundation of a Catholic education has led so many of our family to go on and receive college degrees,” said Doug Warne, son of George and Rosemary. “We had family members attend St. Mary’s School from 1952-1996”

Sister Mary John Slonkosky, OP, principal of St. Mary School, is all smiles as she thanks the Warne family after the unveiling.

The Warnes were an integral part of St. Mary for more than six decades. They served the Oak Ridge and St. Mary communities through their many dedicated contributions. George was an integral part of several school and church expansion projects, which included the building of the new school gym and Columbus Hall.

Friendships and familial bonds formed during those formative years impressed the family to loan the unique gift. The family hopes that it will benefit not only the school itself but also the students who walk the same hallways they once did.

“Walking through the doors reminded me of home,” said Abby Trotter, granddaughter to the Warnes, during a presentation to the students, faculty, and staff on Sept. 8.

“Being able to gift this print, to us, is a reminder of their legacy, and we hope that it is a benefit to the community they loved so much,” said Doug.

“My grandparents had an artistic eye and appreciated when they saw a person producing art around them; when they were pursuing their passion,” stated Abby. “I hope that you look at this Picasso print as a reminder to recognize the fine art in you and the fine art around you, to pursue and perfect your talents and encourage your friends to do the same.”

The signed lithograph print will be on loan for at least one year in the school, reminding and encouraging students to find the best artistic expression for themselves. Pablo Picasso is hailed as one of the greatest innovators and artists of the 20th century. He produced more than 20,000 pieces of art, including paintings, sculptures, costumes, theater sets, drawings, ceramics, and prints. St. Mary School plans to have several opportunities to share the print with the public.

For additional information on St. Mary School, contact admissions@stmarysoakridge.org.

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