KCHS, Notre Dame students take part in national March for Life

The massive March for Life in Washington, D.C., is getting a boost from students across the Diocese of Knoxville.

Bradford Bosarge, director of campus ministry at Knoxville Catholic High School, said 75 students and chaperones arrived in the nation’s capital on Jan. 21 to take part in the annual event.

“I hope this helps our students see the value and dignity of life from conception to natural death,” Mr. Bosarge said before Mass at George Washington University on Jan. 22.

“I also hope this helps our students see that the Church can inspire people to do more and spark conversation and faith,” he added.

Students from Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga also traveled to attend the rally.

The March for Life, a pro-life walk to the National Mall, has attracted hundreds of thousands of participants protesting the Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States. This year’s march took place on the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court decision—Jan. 22, 1973.

For some of the Knoxville Catholic students, it was their first trip to Washington.

“It’s amazing, there are so many good people trying to lay witness to life,” Mr. Bosarge said. “We’re at a rally right now with so many amazing and spiritual people—priests and bishops. It is incredible to see how many people show up at one time and in one place to recognize the value of life,” he added.

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