Funeral Mass held for Stanley H. Pickering Sr.

Stanley H. Pickering Sr., 94, passed away Oct. 6 at his Fountain City home surrounded by his family.

A funeral Mass was held for Mr. Pickering on Oct. 10 at Holy Ghost Church, with Father John Dowling as the celebrant and Father Bill McNeeley, Father Dan Whitman, and Father Jim Harvey concelebrating the Mass. Deacon Gordy Lowery assisted. Interment was at Calvary Cemetery in Knoxville.

Mr. Pickering was the loving husband to the light of his life, wife Ellen Anna Clancy, and father to eight children who brought him great joy.

He was known for sharing that joy to help children from around the Knoxville community, whether it was as a lead fundraiser to build Catholic Charities of East Tennessee’s Columbus Home for children or supporting Fountain City ballpark and the many children it served.

Mr. Pickering was named Samaritan of the Year by St. Mary’s Medical Center for his devotion to youth. Mr. Pickering also was recognized by the National Conference of Christians and Jews with its annual award for service to his fellow men and women.

As a diocesan lay leader, Mr. Pickering was active in the formation of the Diocese of Knoxville in 1988, serving as a financial adviser on the committee of clergy and lay advisers overseeing the division from the Diocese of Nashville. He and his CPA fi rm then served as the Diocese of Knoxville’s first financial officers and accountants.

Mr. Pickering was involved in many other community organizations, including Catholic Social Services, St. Joseph School, Knoxville Catholic High School, the Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts of America, Helen Ross McNabb Center, The Hope Resource Center, Fountain City Recreation Commission, Tennessee Right to Life, and the YMCA.

He graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1950 with a degree in accounting and enjoyed a 70-year  career as a certified public accountant.

After first meeting his wife as co-workers in the accounting department of St. Mary’s Hospital, Mr. Pickering opened his own CPA fi rm in Knoxville in 1957, serving clients from all walks of life.

He proudly served the United States as a sailor aboard the U.S.S. Talladega during World War II, and from aboard his ship he witnessed the U.S. flag-raising atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima and the Japanese surrender in 1945 in Tokyo Bay.

Mr. Pickering is preceded in death by his sons, John Clancy and Frank. He is survived by his wife of 69 years, Ellen Anna Clancy Pickering; sons Stanley H. II (Kathy) and Jim (Stephanie); daughters Ellen Hunter (Bob), Judy, Angel Brewer (Bill), and Regina Lovelace (William); daughter-in-law Leticia Pickering; grandchildren Natalie Pickering, Patrick Pickering, Thomas Pickering, Stanley H. Pickering III, Clancy Clementi (Craig), Rob Hunter, Caroline Hunter, Stan Pickering Hunter, Jim Hunter, Leticia Marie Natour (Joey), Frank Pickering Jr. (Jenny), John Pickering, Will Brewer (Becca), William Edward Lovelace, Suzanna Pickering, Walter Pickering;and great-grandchildren Gigi and Sadie Clementi, Penelope Claire Brewer, and Frank Pickering III.

Donations in Mr. Pickering’s memory can be made to St. Joseph School, 1810 Howard Dr., Knoxville, TN 37918, or the East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard, P.O. Box 22802, Knoxville, TN 37933.

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  1. Mr. Pickering was a saint he served and is serving God in heaven right now smile he is happy and he is home he says family and friends I’m in heaven in paradise got there when the Lord called him just sooner than expected he said it’s ok and he will be waiting still with a huge smile from the moment he arrived to heaven that never left his face and he would say come with repentance is easy way and love much share and have good will to man mercy is given when we give mercy he gives you all that’s needed in his teachings in the Holy bible new testament following as close to the lessons as possible be strong resistance to evil and be happy and smile he wants us happy while alive God’s plan perfect plan and says he’s in heaven sitting and watching and waiting and yes he is smiling and wants to be one of the first to show the way to his Holy never ending home and welcome say you sure are smiling now and say wait till you meet your God loving and ready to having his kingdom enjoyed by all his children and his love and tender mercy never changing love and he Jesus Christ Lord almighty will also have a warm welcome smile like brother Pickering and say welcome to heaven and everyone is smiling to say welcome Home we are happy your smiling. So smile every chance you can it’s contagious and causes good and all Pickering is doing is smiling anything beyond your dreams waits great things many mansions in heaven and your father in heaven await so be happy healthy and follow Jesus and one last thing is smile like Mr Pickering your maker could be calling anytime for anyone and we choose nothing when the time is upon us so smile and be happy praise the Lord Jesus for paying a very very costly and painful price with his strips and blood he bore our price of entry into his kingdom because of the love of the people he made with perfect love mercy follow and smile we do for eternity forevermore living happy love and be as a smiling and seeing Pickering smiling always and forever A MAN and praise his Holy name and what happened to pay our way in and the price that was given long ago. Love live give love hope and mercy to those around you and that will be the way you will be treated when it’s time for you to leave physical carnal life to spiritual smiling and our Lord will wait for you like Pickering and smile is what’s going to happen. If it’s good it’s God and anything else is not can’t take nothing with us whenever were called money or anything else make use of your goodness help others if possible and love every one hold no grudges and please for Mr Pickering start smiling and feel the goodness for your life of eternal feelings forever and ever thank you Lord heavenly creater Holy father God Jesus; a man loving father lead our way Lord show us your love and your royal Holy ways give us the strength to Cary your will O God we will smile forever and serve you father almighty and show love to others that wouldn’t seen mercy or love and pray that we did our love to those in need of not only our mercy and love but you our Holy Lord who gave the world hope and all good here on earth. Hallelujah praise you Lord Jesus thank you farther A man

  2. You made it home our father accept you in his family you will be missed and we shall try to get to heaven also see you Mr Pickering soon we pray and try to get up there and smiling as well with love and great care of doing Lords work as he would have A man

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